Comments Microsoft officially released its digital assistant Cortana for iOS and Android recently, so I decided to give it a spin and see how it compares to using it on Windows It is even looking like the next logical step beyond search. Although Apple had a head start with Siri, the company has experienced a few setbacks with it not living up to its promises, but the latest revision, especially on the iPhone 6S, is quite improved, and I will say it right now, even superior to Cortana in many ways. It works on iPhone, iPad, and a compatible iPod Touch. Minimum operating system requirements call for iOS 8 or later. After downloading, you will need to set it up, Cortana guides you through the quick setup wizard. Tap I agree to begin. You will need to have a Microsoft Account , since an essential part of Cortana, is the ability for your searches and notebooks to roam with you. For Cortana to do a good job, you need to give it access to your location, too. I also recommend enabling Notifications.


Compare Frozen Karaoke Machine There is probably no need to mention that the Disney Frozen Karaoke Machine is one of the most popular and desired ones on the market. This is a great girls karaoke machine for 5 to 12 year olds. Girls can sing along using this machine for hours, non-stop, I can guarantee you that. As always, I have done happily the hard work for you.

High quality mobile audio recording, always on hand for iPhone, iPad, Mac & PC iRig Mic HD 2 puts all the power of high-resolution sound in your hands, so you can easily create professional content anywhere you go.

With components carefully selected in critical listening tests and a highly efficient circuit design, ONE was built by Apogee engineers to make a difference you can hear. This unprecedented feature allows you to dial in the perfect level, either with the controller knob or from within software, while delivering ultra-low noise and smooth, crisp detail. With the included mic clip you can position ONE perfectly on your microphone stand to capture any sound.

Learn more Audio professionals and artists have chosen Apogee and Waves products to make countless hit recordings. These offers can be applied to any special deals from Waves, giving you the ability to save up to thousands of dollars. Apogee and Waves provide industry standard tools for recording, mixing and mastering audio and offer everything you need to complete your project on Mac, no matter what recording software you use.

Waves plugins are incredibly CPU efficient, allowing you to harness the power of your Mac to run more plugins at lower buffer sizes while still maintaining low latency monitoring through your Apogee audio interface. With an open native platform and recording software like Logic Pro X, you are free to expand your studio capabilities by adding more plugins from any manufacturer. This Voucher may not be combined with multiple plugin discounts. Vouchers can only be used for one order and do not carry a remaining balance.

using Garageband with external microphone

Setting Up Your Microphone We recommend that you check the microphone settings on your computer. Otherwise, use your right mouse button to click on the Volume icon on your taskbar. Then, select “Open Volume Control. Also, make sure that “Mute all” is not selected. In the same Volume Control box, view the Microphone Balance. Set the Microphone balance at a middle level and make sure the Mute box is not selected.

Most people can benefit from a quality microphone when shooting iPhone video The Shure MV88 has everything you could really want in a shotgun mic for your iPhone or iPad. It’s 20HzkHz means it can pick up warm, rich, low-end sound, a present mid-range, and crisp, clear highs.

Smartphones have already met the demands for stunning video, but whether you’re a filmmaker, mobile journalist, vlogger, streamer, videographer or anyone that creates video content, you know the audio is just as integral of a component to the final project. A dual-channel digital wireless system operating in the 2. And keep recording, as the receiver offers up to 13 hours of battery life from its built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Not all Android applications support USB audio, and you may need to download a third party app to use this feature. Q8 dynamic handheld and LM8 omnidirectional lavalier with beltpack. Each system can pair and operate up to two transmitters simultaneously with its receiver.

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It utilizes a high-quality, gold-sputtered electret condenser capsule that ensures exceptional transient and frequency response 20 Hz – 20 kHz, -3 dB along with enhanced durability, and the integrated low-noise preamp lets you dial in just the right amount of gain for the optimum signal level. Able to withstand a maximum sound pressure of dB, iRig Mic HD 2 will stand up to recording even very loud sources and the cardioid pickup pattern will help reject unwanted sounds from back side of the microphone.

This makes it perfect for a multitude of applications where audio quality is paramount along with versatility and freedom of movement. Both in the studio and on the go, iRig Mic HD 2 is much more than just a digital USB microphone; it is a comprehensive tool for boosting your creativity and the quality of your audio content with all the convenience of a handheld form factor.

Integrated headphone out with volume control iRig Mic HD 2 features an integrated headphone output with volume control that you can use for monitoring the audio signal or listen to high-resolution music on your device, even on the latest iPhone 7. This can also come in handy to send the signal out to an external device like another recorder, a mixer or a PA system.

How to record iphone conversations using Zoom H4N. 66 Replies. I have all the same equipment hooked up as you describe, but I can barely hear the interviewee in the recording. I can tell there is something there from the line in, but it is much lower than the my questions recorded with the mic. to connect to the iphone microphone.

Receive education in a classroom Capture important learning with an FM receiver Go to the cinema, theatre, or church Connect to teleloop systems using telecoil Dine at a restaurant or go to a party Converse in noisy environments using the ConnectLine microphone Find out more ConnectLine TV lets you enjoy TV together with others Hear TV programmes clearly while leaving the TV volume at an enjoyable level for everyone. You control the volume of the TV personally via Streamer Pro.

Should the phone ring when the TV is on, you can answer it using the phone button on the Streamer. ConnectLine Phone ConnectLine Microphone lets you enjoy private conversations ConnectLine Microphone is a discreet clip-on microphone that connects wirelessly to the Streamer and lets you enjoy clear and private one-to-one communication in challenging listening environments.

We recommend using the Amigo FM receiver. Use your smartphone as a remote ConnectLine App enables you to get the most out of your hearing aids and is ideal to use without having to touch either the hearing aids OR Streamer Pro. ConnectLine App turns the smartphone or tablet into a cleverly personalised, discreet and easy to use remote control for the individual ConnectLine elements.

Swipe, see and select to access and customise features and functions of the ConnectLine system and get a clear overview. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.

Using Lavalier Microphones with Recorders

Smart Home How to bring Alexa into every room of your home Finding the right combination of Amazon Echo devices can be a tricky balancing act, we’ll walk you through it. Thanks to Amazon’s ESP feature , you no longer have to worry about device overlap since only the closest Echo will respond to you if multiple devices hear your command. The second half of the piece has been updated to reflect this change.

It’s time to think big picture now that we’ve reviewed all three devices with Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant. What if you want to roll out Alexa to every room in your house? Alexa is the speech-recognition technology built into Amazon’s Dot , Echo and Tap smart speakers.

Free Shipping on many items across the worlds largest range of Apple Ear-Hook Cell Phone Headsets with Built-In Microphone. Find the perfect Christmas gift ideas with eBay.

To get the most out of Google Home, choose your Help Center: If you’re already set up a Google Home device and are setting up another device, you can skip to step 8. The Google Home app scans for nearby devices that are plugged in and ready to set up. Tap the home you want to add the device to Next. Connecting to your new device: The app will now connect your phone to your new Google Home so that you can configure it.

You will be prompted with the following notification during this step, “Your phone may disconnect from Wi-Fi during setup”. We’ll play a sound on the device to make sure you’re setting up the right device.

How Well Does ‘s Cortana Work on iPhone

And you cannot do that when iPhone microphone not working. In addition, you cannot listen to music or watch movies on iPhone without microphone too. There are many factors that could lead to such problem. But you may be more concerned about how to solve this issue.

Sep 25,  · IRig mixer karaoke machine for iphone, Ipad, apple devices home theater like new in box. Tested on small speakers, nice output loud and clear, sounds great. Comes with Microphone and all the cables and adapters.

People Power, a Palo Alto software company, has released a mobile app that can easily turn an old iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into a security camera. The company’s free app, Presence, makes it possible for users who have Wi-Fi to set up one Apple device as a video camera and another as a monitor. For instance, a dog owner could take an old iPhone, turn it into a camera and then watch the pooch on an iPad at work. Top 10 must-have smartphone apps Wang said Presence is an app perfect for users who may want to watch their pets while they’re out, watch their kids from another room or connect with elderly people who stay at home.

The app can also come in handy if someone breaks into your home. Users can program Presence to record a five-second video clip when motion is detected and send them an email alert. Homeowners can set multiple Apple devices to detect motion.

How can I get my Bose headphone MIC to work with my desktop computer

Advertisement Updated by Ben Stegner on 02 July Most of the time, Skype just works. The latest update was full of bugs again. Microsoft released a fix. Still many issues remain.

If you bought a Sony or Sharp TV from the past couple of years and you have an iPhone, you’ve got yourself a new way to navigate your smartwares. At long last, Google’s Android TV Remote app is.

Instead, it has been designed to demonstrate how your privacy might be breached, and how what you say could be used by search engines and advertising networks to make adverts that are even more targeted. When Your Phone Knows Various users across the web have claimed that something fishy is going on with their phones. Online ads are increasingly targeting younger and younger folks. What can we do? Read More on websites and Facebook.

It sounds unlikely, but the anecdotal evidence is quite compelling. Further stories on Reddit expand further, such as this from hawk

[Solved] How to Fix iPhone Microphone not Working

MiC Plus makes it easy to capture your best take with incredible quality, anywhere you go. Record any sound you can imagine, from vocals to voice-overs, instruments to interviews and everything in between. Just connect to your computer or iOS device, select MiC Plus as your audio interface and record in your favorite app. Whether you are in a recording studio, your bedroom or on the road, MiC Plus will deliver professional, album-quality sound.

If you want to record into the computer, you need to connect the Transceiver jack to the mm jack on the computer. If you want to send computer audio to the microphone input, you need to do the inverse, but take into account that very possibly, the microphone input .

To get the best results, you need to connect an electric instrument such as a guitar or a keyboard directly to your iPad. For some reason the monitor is off by default — to fix this, tap on the guitar plug icon at the top left of the screen and flip the Monitor setting to On. Tune Up Your Instrument Now is a good time to make sure your guitar is in tune — tap on the tuning fork icon. Tap the downward arrow at the top-left of the screen, then on Clean Combo.

You can twiddle with all the knobs on the amp by double-tapping it. You can tap onone to change it to another of the 10 pedals. To fiddle with the settings on any of the effects pedals, or turn them off, double-tap on them. To record some guitar over the top, get your amp and pedals set up the way you like and hit p to havea practice, or record to lay down a track.

Best External Microphones for iPhone Video (November )

How Wireless Headphones Work and How to Connect Them How wireless headphones work Wireless headphones are headphones that connect to a device, such as a smartphone, stereo speaker, television, gaming console, computer, or other electronic devices without using a wire or cable. Wireless headphones work by transmitting audio signals through either radio or IR infrared signals, depending on the device. From call centers to fitness centers, wireless headphones are used by millions of people every day for work and play.

For example, wireless headphones are popular with gamers, since it frees you to move around without having to worry about a cord.

Yes, you can. In principle, there are three ways to connect an external microphone: The mm audio jack. You’ll need a microphone with a mm TRRS connector, or a suitable adapter if the microphone has a different connector (e.g. XLR).

How to Play an iPhone Through a Sound System by John Papiewski You can play music from your iPhone through a sound system, providing entertainment for parties or for your own listening enjoyment. The iPhone’s audio jack can drive a stereo amplifier’s auxiliary input. When you connect your iPhone to a stereo, the amplifier and speakers can fill the room you’re in with music. An audio adapter cable, costing only a few dollars, connects the iPhone to the sound system.

Many receivers and amplifiers have RCA jacks in the back, though some have a 3. Obtain an audio cable with a 3. See your sound system’s owner’s manual to discover what kind of connectors it will need. This will prevent the loud electrical “thunk” noise when you connect the iPhone to the stereo. This noise has the potential to damage your speakers. If your sound system has RCA jacks, one of the pair will be red.

Plug the red male RCA connector into the corresponding red jack.

How to Connect an External Microphone to iPhone 7 with No 3.5mm Headphone Jack