June 9, — January 21, was an American soul singer-songwriter and performer. A tenor with a four octave vocal range, he was nicknamed “Mr. Excitement”, and was important in the transition of rhythm and blues into soul. On September 29, while headlining a Dick Clark Oldies Concert, he collapsed on stage from what was later determined to be a massive heart attack, and subsequently slipped into a coma slowing awakening over a period of 8 months. He remained semi-comatose for the 9 years preceding his death in , at the age of 49; he was deemed conscious but incapacitated in early June, He was one of the most influential artists of his generation. In , he was named Billboard magazine’s No. He is best known as a contestant from MTV’s Making the Band 4, where he was chosen by Diddy to be a member and one of the main vocalists of the band Day26 on August 26, He is an American-born Taiwanese Mandopop singer-songwriter, rapper, music producer, actor, entrepreneur, and investor. He started his career as a host of Channel V programs.


A A A Icomment on They go to everyones house pack their things. Talk to all the girls guardians. And recieve all the hugs and kisses they could take. After the OMG Girlz said bye to their parents they got on the bus.

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Alone by shaunna reviews Edward broke all of his limits, and slept with Bella. Now Edward is gone, and Bella is pregnant. She thinks she doesn’t need Edward, but as the reality of having a baby sets in, she quickly realizes that she does need him. But will they ever reunite? Harry Potter – Rated: M – English – Romance – Chapters: Will he make it back in time before a visit from Victoria and The Volturi? Read on to find out what will happen to this little girl…Rated T for possible strong language later on.

T – English – Family – Chapters: Pretending becomes reality Harry Potter – Rated:

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The academic year marks Morgals 14th year at Shippensburg University dating back to his start as a SU student work-study employee in Did white and African-American students date? For students on campus during the s, to what extent did the events of the Civil Rights movement impact.

MB May collages from #1 header () TMYB: Mindless May recap picture collages. 43 notes Show the 43 notes.

Mindless Behavior Stands For Me I know they see us discussing about past dramas. UK TM, Isabella, etc. I know they seen it. What do they do? Not a damn thing. If they don’t see it that’s a damn shame.

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For user friendly navigation, please visit Fubar. Still blocked me in the end. I guess I made him fear for his everlasting soul.

Sep 17,  · This blog is dedicated to promoting music, news and videos within the world of R&B, classic/urban soul, neo-soul, jazz, alternative soul, gospel, reggae, blues and funk music.

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Ashley Mc – Kinley, 27, said: Since watermelon is generally water it might fill me up and I would subsequently eat a lot less.

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Exclusive: T.I.’s daughter and the rest of the OMG Girls interview with VladTV. Check out – Find out how T.I.’s daughter feels about the [ ].

You to heavy to be doing this” “Whatever, I still love you, though” and he kissed me on my neck and got up “Oh, and Mrs. Taylor said get up and get ready. Cause some people are coming to adopt you. As I was in the shower someone banged on the door which scared me and I yelled “Who is it?! Hurry up and get out I gotta use the bathroom!

He didn’t respond so I just scoffed and flipped my wet hair in his face and that made him come back cause, he said “Aye, man! So I shut and locked my door cause some of the boys in this house are perv’s. Taylor’s office and I see 4 boys in the office and Mrs. Taylor looked up and saw me and raised her brow and motioned me to come in. So when I opened the door, the 4 boys turned and looked at me and their eyes got wide and I said, “Sorry, I’m late.

And I’m Onicka” and I smiled. And one with a small fro smiled widely more than the others and I rolled my eyes then dude’s smile disappeared and looked away, but before he did I saw hurt and sadness in his eyes. I felt bad, to late now. Taylor cleared her throat and our attention went back to her and she said, “Onicka, this is Craig, Jacob, Trey, and Raquan.

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Thursday, June 21, at Just what Bela needs: Meanwhile, Norman picks up Castor and they discuss who may have bugged the office.

Russell Simmons is making headlines for a model who claims to have been sexually assaulted by the media mogul. She claims that she was forced to give Simmons oral sex while movie director, Brett Ratner(movie: “Rush Hour”) looked on.

An audition was held and out of people the four were chosen to come together as a group. The name Mindless Behavior was already created by their manager Keisha Gamble. Each individual in the group can sing but Prodigy is the lead singer and Ray Ray and Roc are the main rappers. He is the best that ever did it and you have to study the greats and become greater. Ray Ray is also a huge Kanye West fan because of his creativity and being unique.

All four of the guys get along and they know how to enjoy themselves and have fun. The funniest person in the group is Ray Ray because he feels that life is too short to be plain and boring, so he likes to crack jokes a lot of the time. Even though Millsap and Gamble write and produce their songs at this time, the group is starting to write some of their own material and expand their horizons.

Singer Lorde calls Azealia Banks out on twitter

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bahja and princeton dating most popular internet dating sites uk broke up bahja rodriguez and. bandz. Bahja: oh hey princeton, im bahja, or effect. Bahja: oh hey princeton, im bahja, or effect. From mindless behavior trivia behavior a parody of islam oxford and shes.

Hey your Prodigy from Mindless Behavior right? Give me a sec. Daaang bro you fast Prod: I thought you was cocky Ray: I dunno you tell me… Ray: In the mean time the plain is landing and they can get of the plain Now MB is in their car on their way to the Hotel Ray: Oo so did Prod. And her skin had a really nice glow. Daannng Prod you really studied her Prod:

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Folks you didn’t see on tv and some ish that just need to be discussed. When did folks start popping bottles on the front row during the show? And how did Ray-J feel with Kim having better seats than him? And we love the fact she acknowledged the women before her like Lauryn Hill after BET took that tax dig at Lauryn by writing that joke for Mindless Behavior to say–who probably weren’t even born yet when Lauryn was on top. I see Kim got at least one kiss she was trying her damndest to get last night–because she was surely trying hard to get one from Kanye each time he went on stage.

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January 04, The stories I post here are factual stories and sometimes they are purely gossip so when you see such publications and articles from MediaTakeOut; you can take it with a grain of salt. Though I feel there is always some truth to a rumor or story. Fantasia is about to star in her own reality show on VH1 airing next week, January Meanwhile Fantasia’s love life continues to be a hot topic. Word was that Fantasia was stepping out with a married man and now she’s been dumped. Read below for the full story as well as news on Rihanna and Snoop Dogg.

As we told you a few months back, Fantasia had begun dating a married man named Antwaun Cook. According to our snitch, Antwaun spent the new year with his wife and children in Atlanta. Fantasia was in Philadelphia. Yeah [I’m a fan] because she was close to getting my record. You know I hold the record in the Guiness Book, I’m the only rapper to come out and debut number one and she was trying to get close to my record so I had to make sure she didn’t. Yeah, I like her because she didn’t get my record.

If you set the studio session up, I’ll do that.

OMG Girlz- Talking about Mindless Behavior & Touring