Here’s The Story Behind Sheila Sim’s Very Cool Chanel Wedding Gown

The prequel, which is set in the past, was entirely filmed in Ningbo, China, over the course of three months and will be aired exclusively on Toggle. The modern version, which will continue the story, will debut on Channel 8 in November. Read on for more. Initially, I got distracted by this but I realised that I had to stay focused. We braved through some tough days together because it was really cold in Ningbo and we had to film our scenes not wearing a lot, and we also had instances where we had to become emotional despite being really cold. Continued on next slide: The series also stars Felicia Chin and Belinda Lee, among others. Sometimes, when Nat is filming, I poke fun at him because he has to film those steamy scenes! We only spent about half an hour filming that scene. Among the many challenges he had to take on was eating grass and raw vegetables, along with being tied up and slathered with honey, ready to be roasted over a fire.

Sheila Sim is married

It is just one more day before we officially cross over to – for a fresh brand new year! And this year , your favourite Mediacorp Artistes and Stars will accompanying u throughout the day tomorrow on New Year’s Eve! The Countdown Party to may only be starting in the evening , with most Countdown Party starting from 7pm onwards , but

Elvin Ng. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Huang Junxiong) Jump to navigation Jump to search. This is a Chinese name; the family name is Ng. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

Rui En was talent-spotted after appearing in a SingTel hi. Card commercial as the girl in In late , Rui En launched her career in Taiwan. She went on to win her third acting award in the year at the Star Awards for the same role in Unriddle 2. She took up ballet as an activity in Primary Five but gave up in Secondary One. Despite claiming to be her Chinese teachers worst nightmare because she was never good in her Chinese, Rui En penned all the lyrics to her second Chinese album, Rui En graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a Bachelor of Business in , specialising in Banking and Finance.

She confessed that she used to smoke and drink occasionally, and her parents subsequently divorced when she was seventeen. After a six years break, Rui En released her second Chinese album in late under Hype Records and this album was only released in Singapore, with all lyrics penned by Rui En herself 2. Paige Chua — Paige Chua is a Singaporean model and television actress.

Chua studied at Mayflower Secondary School and graduated from the National University of Singapore Faculty of Arts, an active netball player in school, Chua represented Singapore in netball and was part of the National Youth Netball team.

Zhou Ying (actress)

Founded in , it is the oldest institute of learning in Singapore, as well as the largest university in the country in terms of student enrolment. Tan, who was the first president of the Straits Chinese British Association, managed to raise 87, Straits dollars, on 3 July , the medical school was founded, and was known as the Straits Settlements and Federated Malay States Government Medical School. The two institutions were merged to provide for the education needs of the Federation of Malaya.

In , the governments of then Federation of Malaya and Singapore indicated their desire to change the status of the divisions into that of a national university. Legislation was passed in establishing the former Kuala Lumpur division as the University of Malaya while the Singapore division was renamed the University of Singapore on 1 January , the National University of Singapore was formed with the merger of the University of Singapore and Nanyang University in This was done in part due to the desire to pool the two institutions resources into a single, stronger entity, and promote English as Singapores main language of education.

Elvin Ng, Ian Fang headline Singapore’s first period drama in 20 years 04 May Elvin Ng, Ian Fang headline Singapore’s first period drama in 20 years. Photos: WaWa Pictures. Come October, the first Singaporean period drama after Christopher Lee and Fann Wong’s The Return of the Condor Heroes in will finally air.

Then, i begun looking for people to join me for the job, asked Ziying but she’s busy with her poly stuff, asked Ebian but he live too faraway so his parents dont agree, asked ChengLong who was rather busy with his ITE stuff, was unable to join me too, finally i asked Fiona, who was waiting for her poly to start, agreed to go with me on tues. It was Fiona first time going there and it was my third time, so the place wasnt that alien to me, so first we reported to the office to look for the PIC Michael which is the Supervisor there, he gave cards to punch, i left my bag behind in the office and we started work immediately.

At first, we were both in the same location and we were starting packing the flowers and pasting the price tags but soon Fiona and I were separated to different workplace, Fiona remained there in the packing room with some air-con while i was called to work at the store side which is outdoor, i was quite sad to be separated with her as i wanted to work together with her so that we could chat.

But i remained calm and started packing the flowers, there were about s and s of flowers that were unpacked and i alone was supposed to pack all of them. I was fast, i guess he wasnt a good person, do not think twice before barking like a rude dog. I endured all his scoldings and i tried not to think too much of it, i just remained that speed without slowing down or speed up as i thought that my speed should be just right. It was damn boring working alone there in the first morning.

Why wasnt any people there? I thought that the pay was good and many people may want to work there but i’m totally wrong, none of the people came except for Fiona and I for the first morning. But in the afternoon after lunch, many people reported for work but most of them are young China girls about 15 of them and a few middle-age men. After lunch was quite okay, was not as boring as in the morning as i’m able to chat with the people who reported for work and Michael approached me and told me to stop bringing any people in as they have enough people.

Time passes so damn damn slow that afternoon and i left immediately at 6pm sharp as i felt hungry and tired. As usual I met Fiona and we travelled together. When we reached there,we proceeded to the same workplace and proceeded the same job like the day before but that day was busier than the day before as i have to move the new stocks around which is super duper tiring, that was not the main point for the day.

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Are China-born hunks hotter than local heart-throbs? They are the triumvirate of young hunks of the moment in TV land. All three snagged the male lead roles in the current Channel 8 blockbuster drama series Together. We may be a small nation, but really, just three to feed the appetite of more than a million female TV viewers in Singapore? Among these slim pickings, two are foreign talents from China:

Sheila Sim is married. Elvin Ng, Nat Ho, Dennis Chew, Chew Chor Meng and Pan Ling Ling. After the wedding, the couple will be heading for a snowboarding trip The couple got to know each other through a dating application and got engaged six months after knowing each other.

In the show, which began telecasting at 9pm yesterday, actors Shaun Chen, Elvin Ng and Nat Ho go topless in several scenes. The Dream-catchers is about the lives, loves and careers of four engineers. So both of them strip off to become her models. It was in front of the film crew and extras, and although the air conditioning was turned on, I still felt very warm and flushed. The scene was shot in the afternoon on a raised stage in front of Novena Square, in full view of the public, and Nat was wearing only a pair of red briefs.

I was embarrassed as a lot of passers-by were gawking and taking videos with their phones.

. T W I L I G H T .

Channel NewsAsia – 27 Oct And frankly, neither are we. It’s the time of the day But shrinkage is a huge hurdle,” Felicia says. One way to combat shrinkage? Felicia Chin, Zoe Tay and other celebrities you didn’t know were great cooks AsiaOne – 19 Nov In addition to singing, acting and working the runway, some of them even cook.

The episode series, which began airing on Channel 5 on 13 August, features Felicia Chin (who plays workaholic doctor Jess), Elvin Ng (who plays geeky and nerdy Edrick in his first English-language drama outing), Nat Ho (who plays the textbook definition of a playboy, Wesley), and Amy Cheng (who plays single mother Maggie).

It was a fun and lovely trip. We woke up at 9am and sleep at 3am everyday. However, on the down side, it rained throughout our five days trip, booo!!! Our breakfast on the airplane On the Disneyland train On the way to Disneyland Took a cab in Macau to the St. Paul’s Ruins To be continue I’m done with two modules and left with the last paper, Marcoeconomics. Have been busy mugging home. Very tedious I must say. Hopefully, I can make it.

Wish me good luck. Anyway, swine flu has hit Hongkong, which means we will probably have to cancel our trip if the situation worsen:

World Of 7 Princesses.: Fiona Xie and Jeanette Aw in Thye Hua Kwan Charity Show

But no one and no car got hurt, so Elvin has since brushed it aside. Our mission of the day is to get him annoyed, if only for a bit. He asks in jest: And he takes it all in his stride. This, coming from a guy who says he has a short fuse. It just carried on from there.

Ng stars in 20 Days, the currently-airing Channel 5 drama about the complexities of modern love, alongside Nat Ho and Felicia Chin. In it, he plays a shy geek.

Theme of the day was Autumn Wedding in Red and Brown. Normally wedding there were up to 8 course menu and the 1st course is definitely a cold dish combination of etc.. Next course would be a Soup, to warm up your stomach, most of the couple would like their soup menu as Shark fins soup. After a full meals, there will always be a Dessert served like Sweet double boil soup or Yam pasted. They like their menu set in a different way Most people thought that fruits should be eaten last of a meal, BUT it’s wrong!

Fruits should be taken before the main course started. That is why Kiwi Fruits is served 1st.

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Remember to ‘Like’ and ‘Subscribe’ to our channel if Local actress-model Sheila Sim weds banker Deon Woo in intimate celebration on The Straits Times – 28 Jan The couple’s wedding day comprised a gatecrash, solemnisation, tea ceremony and a table lunch reception. Jan 28, , 5: Throw on a devil hairband or a clown mask?

The show features some of the biggest names on television, such as Felicia Chin (who plays workaholic doctor Jess), Elvin Ng (who plays geeky and nerdy Edrick), Nat Ho (who plays the textbook definition of a playboy, Wesley), and Amy J Cheng (who plays single mother Maggie) from FLY Entertainment.

Heh, was preparing for exams before that. Thus didn’t have the time to blog. Was also not in the right mood to blog though. So I’m back in action yo! Because my legs are aching from ytd’s work: Since I’ve promised to update regularly, but things ain’t working out D So, for the past 2 months, life had been hectic. Been busy studying, studying and more studying But at least now everything is over. But one major thing off my mind for now. Meet the parent session last Thursday Sis took mum’s place to meet that Bhas.

She still say the same thing as last year. But this time, she kept digging out about my last year’s performance but not this year.

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Mediacorp More One of the most pressing concerns for a single person in their thirties has been given life in the latest local English drama, 20 Days. View photos More Q: Are you like your character on the show? My character Jess tells it like it is. On the other hand, I am more careful with my words.

Together (Chinese: 当我们同在一起, literally “When We Are Together”) is a Singaporean Chinese drama produced in It was telecasted on Singapore’s free-to-air channel, MediaCorp Channel stars Jeanette Aw, Dai Xiangyu, Elvin Ng, Eelyn Kok, Zhang Zhenhuan & Zhou Ying as the casts for the series. It is MediaCorp’s 46th anniversary year-end blockbuster drama, and was sponsored by.

He has just wowed audience at home and abroad with his compelling portrayal of ENZO, a lovelorn hunk who’s desperately fighting his “inner demons” from a tortuous romance. ENZO has a more-than-platonic-friendship with his male childhood friend, who in turn has the hoots for another girl. I’ve yet to hear of this one. Whetting people’s appetites and oozing immense sex appeal aren’t priorities in KEN’s life.

Gratification comes from being respected for your brain and your latent talent. He loves movies, basketball, reading and strumming the guitar. And boy, this dude can sing! He loves to gesticulates and ejaculates with the occasional outbursts of: He may be a relative newbie in show business, but the past year saw him in a lead role in an arthouse film, a sprinkle of theater performances, amongst them GREASE plus a “crunch” of two soap operas. Progressive and definitely with more to come. The only thing KEN has to contend with is the myriad of backstabbing, professional jealousies, bitching and mayhem in this flimsy industry of make-belief entertainment.

Despite being cool and discreet, the admirable thing about KEN is his disarming frankness to difficult questions.

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While the nostalgic skits served as a playful reminder of how showbiz culture has changed over the past three decades, some of the outfits we spotted deserve nothing less than total oblivion. Click through our gallery to see whose outfit we lauded, and whose we laughed at. Teresa Tseng Young actress and singing star Teresa Tseng looked stunning in her white dress and embellished collar with matching arm swag.

The look is current, youthful, and just ornate enough for a stage performance. Nat Ho Nat Ho looks good…. Overall, the look is too gimmicky for our taste.

Actors Elvin Ng, Desmond Tan and actress Jeanette Aw got first-hand evidence of this when they got mobbed in Cambodia on Friday (Oct 10) when promoting .

The drama Unriddle will be Joshua’s swansong as he will not be extending contract with MediaCorp when it expires at the end of July. Over an exclusive telephone interview, Joshua talked about the reasons for leaving and his future plans with xinmsn. The year-old revealed that he actually has a recycling business outside of his acting stint.

It’s just that since I’m still young, I want to try new things. His performance in these two years has been nothing short of impressive. With his career moving along smoothly, did Joshua choose to quit because the company appeared to be putting their focus on Dai Yang Tian and Elvin Ng? We play different roles; I take on younger roles, the parts we play differ too. I only have my confidence, which is what I depend on to do my job well. The actor revealed that this sudden change of circumstances caused him to make up his mind about what to do if he leaves showbiz.

My younger brother is going to be enlisted in army soon and I need to take care of him. When asked if there might be a chance that he might return to the screen, Joshua said that he will remain open to such opportunities if there is a suitable script and provided his business will not be affected by filming. Shame about Joshua, really. Solid actor and seems unpretentious.

Elvin Ng