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The End – Wuzzon with the afterlife Not sure if it’s clearer, but it includes a few more examples from the show of my ideas. I’m gonna try to boil down the essence of the fate of the Losties here and ramble out a theory that fits. The Island exists in a reality-adjacent snowglobe pocket dimension, and is visited and populated by real, living people. The Island is NOT a purgatory. LOST2 happens outside of time. If you absolutely need to force a temporal relationship between its events and real world events, you could say it happens at the end of everything. All the people who populate LOST2 have died in the real world. Jack dies in the bamboo forest in , but those in the plane who leave the Island, along with Protector Hurley and Number Two Ben, die years later. Once they die, each of them arrives in LOST2 essentially “at the same time.

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Why I hate the UK. Okay, I don’t hate my country but, as with anything that you love with a passion, it has its downsides. It has lots of things that get right on your nerves and you start to realise that that’s the reason you have a blog – to vent your demons to a lot of anonymous followers who’ll probably skim over that post.

My target for today? Not all of them. I didn’t watch it.

Because I get asked 3, times what I want and always draw a blank, I need to keep a running list of things I fancy this holiday season: Nikon D

An exploration of parenthood, corporate life, and the intersection between faith and pop culture. Later, that same day, after every news network had covered the story of the mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, there was another event with guns occurring on the other side of the nation. I understand that the gun show was scheduled long before the gunman entered the elementary school with evil intent.

I know it was too late to cancel the event. And I realize there were sellers there with business that need to make a profit – dependent on customers showing up and purchasing guns. Even with those facts in mind, I still felt the brash street-side signage was disrespectful. They could have still held the gun show without putting out the signs. When I drove by the fairgrounds that rainy Friday afternoon, I felt sick. And the responses to the picture I posted on facebook were simply disturbing.

Rather, they speak volumes about our culture. Americans idolize guns — elevating them as something equal to or even greater than God. It demonstrates how badly we are trapped in a cycle of never-ending violence.

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We got up early for breakfast at Voodoo Donuts , an infamously good little Portland donut shop with a location in Austin. We didn’t get Voodoo when we were in Portland a few years ago, we ate at Blue Star. Dave got the raspberry filled voodoo doll, I got the mango-filled, Tang-encrusted one. Dave dived back into his conference and I began a walking tour of downtown Austin, beginning with the capitol grounds better picture of that tomorrow.

# Picking up something that turns out to be a lot lighter than you expected said the hook-nosed Jew. Never say “good luck” to anyone at Bingo, it’s bad times. The only workout that works is the one you do. Lamebook. Bakerella. Cute Overload.

Got these topics from Plinky , so here we go. What song can you listen to over and over again? Its just brilliant and instantly makes me feel good and a bit more fired up. Which holiday would you rather skip? I bet half the crowd there probably wish they were at home. I always really wanted him to finally grab that smug bird. Which Muppet do you most identify with?

Do you want kudos or respect for having a basic level of decency? I will not be guilted into clicking on stuff, so screw you. Its not cool, this is why Twitter is better because you can retweet thus giving credit where its due. You know what to do. August 16, Author:

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Click to Enlarge Aside from being its being in pretty bad shape – it was over 90 years old and pretty tattered when I bought it, and at Not that they needed to use any intentional errors to protect their copyright, as they used the information overload style popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and still popular with the cartographers with National Geographic and the Encyclopedia Britannica. Buchardt Petersen’s Map of Europe published by the A.

Whom Pitman has actually credited. By “most” I mean it’s obvious even with my atrocious photography part of the map is missing. Note how names are cropped:

Jan 10,  · First hour: The show begins, and Sam is almost immediately arguing with Erik for showing up right before the show began, so they didn’t have their show sounders loaded in yet. Dave says they should love one another, and he wants to see them shake each other’s cocks. Dave has a twiddeo with a special song he did just for tonight.

Music, Musings, Memoir, and Madness Day: I came home, learned to play, and joined a pipe band, the Invermich Gaelic Society Pipe Band, which had eight to ten pipers and about half a dozen drummers. Bands are sorted into grades, with Grade Four the lowest and Grade One the highest, and your band competes against other bands in your grade. There were a few competitions that stretched over two days, like the one held at Alma College in Alma, Michigan. Most competitions are one-day affairs held on a Saturday; theirs took up the entire weekend.

Saturday was the graded competition, Sunday was an open competition where all the bands, regardless of grade, competed against each other. Until about three Sunday morning, they ceilidhed their rear ends off, including their drummers, who, given two sticks, will bang on just about anything. At one point, one of our older members went down and yelled at the band, ordering them to stop.

Which they did, until the guy got back to his room, after which they started pounding and being noisy again.


In a best case scenario, the amount of time it would save is small enough to be statistical noise. For someone who has never touched a mouse before, you might see some benefit, but it only takes days for someone to become proficient enough with a mouse that it loses it’s benefits. In multi screen modes you not only have the longer distance, but you also have to move to a second screen that is not necessarily the same size and shape.

It also requires that you reorient your vision form one screen to another to find your place. After all, not every click is going to be in the corner.

The arboretum was a fun walk. You could walk the whole thing in a couple of hours without really seeing the same trail twice, although it’s not so big that you feel like you could get lost.

Real sweat, even bloodshed; putting food on the table and pouring your last into the American Dream. I started working at the age of 13, keeping books for a branch of ServiceMaster. My mom was able to locate this gig for me through one of our church-going acquaintances. Goddamn that post-worship church coffee hour, for allowing my mom to whore me off into her sugar cookie networking, as only a post-worship coffee hour could.

That place was crawling with women looking to get rid of their children for an afternoon, my mom obviously included. This short-lived employment involved me commuting a few miles, via car and licensed adult driver, to the home of our church friends; appropriately on Sunday afternoons, following coffee hour. Just what I needed as a teen; one more reason to hate Sundays.

Once my mom peeled out of the driveway and gunned it down the street to my place of employment, I was escorted downstairs to the basement, where a sort of office existed. I call it an office because there was a computer on the desk, a small copying machine, a file cabinet, and most importantly, a pen cup. But given the closet-like dimensions of the room, as well as the rigid cement design, I would just assume call it a cell.

The cell bore no vents, nor natural light. The temperature remained the same all months of the year – somewhere between 60 degrees and fucking cold.

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OH police find 3 bodies believed to be of missing family. Obama says new ratified nuke arms treaty is a national security imperative. Al-Qaida-linked Islamists use kidnappings, suicide bombings to try to tear Russia North caucuses. FIFA committee members investigated.

Samsung’s IV hook-up gives it more freedom to operate – UPDATED: and HTC signs up too The ‘major semiconductor company’ that has just sold Acacia a DRAM patent portfolio (IAM) Mallun Yen hooks up .

A Batman who doesn’t Batman? Imagine for a moment. You are a resident of Gotham City, existing in a world of superheroes, sidekicks, and diabolical villains. There is a Batman who is fully capable of thwarting the plans of any nemesis who wants to bring harm and chaos to your city. Now pretend you look at the news headlines and browse through twitter. First, a robbery at Gotham National Bank. Two-Face and his goons entered the biggest bank in the city, fully armed, holding the staff and patrons captive while emptying the vault.

To keep the hostages silent, Two-Face determined the fate of anyone who made a noise with the flip of a coin: By the end of the heist, two tellers, a security guard, and twelve customers were murdered and Two-Face’s crew eluded arrest. Later that night, Bruce Wayne tweeted the following:

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From soccer team practice to piano lessons, every day of the week was filled. It often made us kids, and especially our parents, feel that sometimes we lived more in the car than in our own house. One of the most important things my parents did each week to help them prepare and to reconnect us together was to have a family meeting. As my husband and I created our own family, we have discovered that we too need these weekly, and sometimes more frequent,family meetings to help everyone stay on the same page.

Easier to just have all your data stored on an accessible network location rather than having to take your phone out and hook it up as a computer when you want to use it as such. Also I think all this ignores the very real problem of battery and processing power.

Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!!! I love Mardi Gras! I may have mentioned it before, but I do. But in the end, it just wasn’t financially doable. With the bathroom remodel, a potential new roof this summer, not to mention that I spent more money than I planned on just a few months ago on my Caribbean vacation Toast and I were lamenting not being able to go this year as she was also planning on joining us , and she was just going to “stay at home, make gumbo, and pout” for the weekend.

I don’t know how we got on the subject of St. Well Hell Michelle also joined us for a short-notice weekend jaunt to the Gateway to the West. In a rental, we hauled ass to St. Louis on Friday, averaging 82mph, because there is only one good way to get to St.

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